Podcast Rockstar Chris Cerrone on Networking The Right Way

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Not long ago, today’s guest emailed me a request to appear on his podcast. I had never heard of him, but who am I to turn down an offer to talk about me? The interview was great, so I started going through his archive to learn more. Before [...]

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Content Ideas of Questions They Don’t Even Know to Ask [VIDEO]

So I learned something this week that I consider to be a little nuts. And it got me thinking about why I didn’t know that in the first place and why someone wouldn’t have taked about it at some point. So naturally, I made a video. Watch Content Ideas of Questions They Don’t Even Know to [...]

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The Crazy Business Idea Manual: Creativity for Sale by Jason Surfrapp [VIDEO]

You guys have met Jason Surfrapp before on The Marketing Lifestyle Show. Great guy. Smart guy. I mean, really really smart guy. He may have had a journey to get to this level of smartness, but it’s definitely a lesson you’re going to want to learn about. So I’m reviewing his first ever book Creativity [...]

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For-Purpose Entrepreneur Wesley Chapman on Finding Your Calling

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Today’s guest and I have never spoken until today’s podcast. So how did I score a one-hour interview with somebody like Wesley Chapman? I sent out a tweet asking for people interested in being a guest on the Marketing Lifestyle. So Wesley tweets back and volunteers to be [...]

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Buffer’s Daily App Helps You Find Tweets to Share [VIDEO]

Once again the spotlight is on Buffer and the beautiful ideas they have before everyone else. I just love them! You have to try out this app they just created to make it even more easy to discover great info to share to your communities! Watch Buffer’s Daily App Helps You Find Tweets to Share: You’re [...]

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Increase Website Ranking in Search with Sexy Silos featuring Owen Hemsath [VIDEO]

Thanks to my good friend and smartie in the video content space, Owen Hemsath from The Videospot, for contributing today’s video. I’m taking a break at the pool on this beautiful summer day If you’ve been searching for a way to get more traffic from search and you have no idea what it takes to [...]

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New YouTube Features with Tim Schmoyer of VideoCreators [VIDEO]

What’s super fun about YouTube is getting to collaborate with other vloggers. And lucky for me, Tim Schmoyer of the YouTube channel VideoCreators lives in Ohio! Just a couple hours from me. So I made the road trip (with a borrowed car, of course) to go see him and his family and make videos. The [...]

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Canva Evangelist Guy Kawasaki on Never Having Imposter Syndrome

Podcast: Play in new window | Download I met today’s guest, Guy Kawasaki, on my first trip to South by Southwest (SXSW) in 2011. He was the featured speaker at a networking event and I scored a signed copy of Enchantment. His inscription read “Amy, resisting you is futile.” He says otherwise, but I’m certain [...]

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How to Auto-Share Your New Blog Posts [VIDEO]

We have another message from the Amy’s Elite tribe. This one is from Brian Dane: Do you know of a free WordPress plugin that will automatically tweet new posts and maybe even post them on other platforms? Boy do I. Tune in to find out more. Watch How to Auto-Share Your New Blog Posts: The plugin [...]

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How Autoresponding Emails Can Be Authentic [VIDEO]

If you’re wary of sending autoresponder emails to your list because you don’t think it’s something that will come off authentic, I have a great way to make it so. Turning your list into brand advocates and you more confident about the conversations you’re starting. Watch How Autoresponding Emails Can Be Authentic: I got a GREAT [...]

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